Monday, 6 May 2013

Adaptation: 'Making Plans for Nigel' Editing Update

'Making Plans for Nigel' Editing Update

Back by semi-popular demand are the repetitious visual motifs (currently comprised of my Pre-Vis placeholders, but soon to be updated) and the snippets of advertisements from the past, as seen in the Pre-Vis. I've also added Barbara Kruger/They Live-inspired still text elements, which I had considered using early on in the project. The particular set in this update uses the slogan of a popular online auction site (Hint: it rhymes with 'leeway').

I'm fairly pleased with how it is coming along so far, but I felt I ought to upload the first minute or so of footage to see if this is feeling was unanimous.
Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated, and the final edit should be complete this evening (although the final visual motifs will be added tomorrow, along with the final clips currently rendering at uni).


  1. a sigh of satisfaction from me... :)

    But I'm just wondering at the timing of your edits - sometimes they seem a bit off to me - like just off-time by a couple of frames, because some of the hard edits are bit spongey feeling to me - it would be worth going in frame by frame on Premiere and really ensuring that all your edits are hitting the same beat - it might be a Youtube lag, of course, but if not, look at your timings, because I think you're starting new clips just a bit too late.

    Also - I don't think you need to tell us that 'Making Plans For Nigel' is a 'music video' in the subtitle. No music video identifies itself that way 'out there' - a music video 'just is'.

  2. That's better Stevie P :) and i agree with Phil's observation :)

  3. Can you bring a copy of the tune in for me please, it's very catchy :P