Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Time Machine: Refining My Topic

After my conversation with Phil yesterday, I had a clearer idea of the potential approaches to the assignment. Initially, the theme of Transhumanism was deemed fairly ambiguous, so I've decided to narrow it down specifically to Robotics. Here is a rough summary of how I aim to approach the assignment.

This assignment will be investigating themes of Robotics in cinema, specifically, the ways in which ideas surrounding Robotics are used in a metaphorical and allegorical sense in 20th Century fiction. 
The assignment will begin by investigating the origin of the term, Robot, using Karel Capek’s play Rossum’s Universal Robots as a primary point of reference.
Once the term’s origins have been determined, the assignment will continue by analyzing the ways in which the principles surrounding the term have been applied to works of fiction during the 20th Century, both in a literal and allegorical sense, referring to specific examples.

I've used a mind-map in order to organise my thoughts surrounding both Transhumanism and Robotics, which features a series of potential angles of Robotics in fiction that I could investigate.