Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Some Slightly More Detailed Story Thoughts

I want to get the story down as soon as possible so that I can move on to the design side of things, so here are a few story ideas that I've come up with.
They all appear to follow ideas of 'getting they're just deserts', with the Fountain Pen ultimately meeting its maker as a result of its conceited personality.

-The Fountain Pen is the latest addition to an author's stationary collection. The current inhabitants of the desk pop up out of a drawer to welcome their new neighbour. The Fountain Pen swaggers around the desk, showing off its extravagant, gilded construction and looking down on the other items of stationary. Deeply engrossed in its condescending introduction to its neighbours, it fails to notice the large pool of ink forming beneath it. Shocked and embarrassed by this unsightly scene, the Fountain Pen faints and rolls off of the desk, to the bemusement of the other stationary.

-The Fountain Pen is seen to be working out, using crayons as dumbbells and flexing its muscles to the other stationary. Whilst showing off to the other stationary, a shadow forms above the desk. The other items of stationary scatter and hide, the Fountain Pen still posing away, totally oblivious. A hand reaches down and picks up the Fountain Pen, proceeding to take the pen apart and replace the cartridge. The Fountain Pen is placed back on the desk, shaking in fear and rocking from side to side.

-The Fountain Pen is introduced to his new neighbours. It lords over the other stationary, making statements on its own quality in comparison to that of the others. Specifically, the Fountain Pen ridicules the ragged appearance of the other stationary, all of which have been used, abused and chewed to pieces in the long time they've been in this desk. A person sits at the desk, as the other stationary scatters back inside the drawer. The Fountain Pen makes a point to be lying directly in view of the person, knowing it'll be the writing implement of choice. This pride is soon shattered though, as the person proceeds to chew, throw, drop, tap, drum and otherwise abuse the Fountain Pen, much to its horror. The Fountain Pen is thrown in the drawer, joining the other, long forgotten and seriously abused items of stationary.


  1. I think there's definitely some fun to be had with issues of class here - and of course, with the fountain pen, you get a sense of it being a bit calligraphic and 'fancy'. I like the idea of the other desk things - but remember you've got to draw it all, so perhaps a character vs character structure would suffice. So, if a fountain pen is the aristocrat, what sort of writing implement would be the pauper?

  2. If you think about the stylish fountain pens it feels like they are thinking highly of themselves. It could lead to it refusing to dirty itself, so no ink would come out. Or the pen could be so proud of itself thinking it was better in writing than other cheap and regular pens, but in reality it was even more difficult to use.