Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Conceited Fountain Pen Version Two: Step Outline

The basic story has changed considerably since I had a conversation with Phil yesterday. Its changed to something radically different from what I first had in mind, but that makes it all the more exciting! The story feels a lot more quirky and charming than it previously did, and these qualities should hopefully make the final animation that little bit more appealing.

Act One
Scene One
A Fountain Pen is seen standing in shot, looking off into the distance. A small, stubby Crayon hops into shot and looks up at the Fountain Pen.

Scene Two
Shot from above, displaying the two writing instruments as simple dots, defined primarily by the trails they leave. The Crayon introduces itself, through way of a poorly scrawled smiley face. The Fountain Pen is unimpressed by this introduction, and proceeds to move away from the Crayon, leaving a calligraphic trail behind it.

Act Two
Scene Three
The Crayon pursues the Fountain Pen, leaving a broken, messy trail behind it, directly contrasting the highly refined and calligraphic trail of the Fountain Pen. The pursuit intensifies, with the Fountain Pen’s strokes becoming more flourished and elaborate, both as an attempt to out-write the Crayon and as a way of displaying its superiority. The Crayon follows closely behind, persevering, completely oblivious to the Fountain Pen’s conceited distaste for the Crayon.

Scene Four
The Crayon, still desperately trying to keep up, eventually wears its tip down to a stub, causing it to stumble and fall. The Fountain Pen turns around, noticing the fallen Crayon, and walks towards it. Leaning over as if to help the Crayon up, the Fountain Pen bursts out laughing, gloating and prancing around.

Act Three
Scene Five
The Fountain Pen, still gloating, turns suddenly in reaction to a hefty clicking noise behind it. Looking upwards, it reels back in horror and faints at the sight of something out of shot.

Scene Six
The horrifying sight is revealed to be a word processor, technology that has superseded the Fountain Pen considerably. The words “The End” are typed across the screen as the scene closes.

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