Sunday, 20 November 2011

'The Shunned House': Playing with Levels

This image is more or less the original with the colours amplified moderately. I like the vibrancy of this image, especially the light falling across the rooftops of the houses on the right.

This image shows the green levels more prominently. I really like the tone displayed in this image. It retains the original boldness but shifts the tone entirely.

The levels in this image make the reds and blues more vibrant, applying a somewhat sinister tone overall. As effective as this image may be, its a bit too 'loud', even with an image as bold as the original. The clear separation of the white fence posts and the rest of the scene work brilliantly, though. Very 'Monkey Island'.

This image is similar to the image above, but with the greens made a little more vivid and the blues a little more suppressed.

I decided out of pure curiosity to see how it looked in simple black and white (with a blue filter) and I'm pleasantly surprised. I seems to address the tone perfectly. The lonesome, yet endearing house on the hill, the lighting during the focus to the house in the centre, with the light rolling across the tree limbs. I love it!

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  1. good work here man I think 4 is my favourite although the black and white one at the bottom does have a sort of forlorn look about it that is rather appealing to me, but then again I do love working in black and white. maybe try and splice the two together and see where that takes you.