Sunday, 13 November 2011

Alien Film Review

Alien (1979) Film Review

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  1. I love Ripley! Personally, for me, my interest in the Alien franchise has always been predicated upon her character - which is why I enjoy Alien 3 so much, because I love what they do with her arc, and the choices she makes, and the terrible irony of her situation. The aliens themselves get more disappointing for me - I love Ripley's character in Resurrection, and I love too all the ambiguity of her role on that - and the whole abortion motif at the end; it's pretty twisted thematically. Alien 3 is my favourite 'Ripley' movie. Aliens is my favourite 'Alien' movie. There's some fascinating stuff written about Alien 3 as AIDS allegory - indeed, there's fascinating stuff written about all of them.