Thursday, 24 October 2013

Minor Project: Older Robot Silhouettes

Older Robot Silhouettes

I've created a small group of silhouettes for my Male Robot character, derived from a drawing I had created, seen below. The main influence for this concept has been household appliances from the 1980s, specifically, the Dyson Cyclon, the Black and Decker Dustbuster and the Oster Regency Mixer Blender Kitchen Center.

At the moment, the function that I have constructed it around is that of a vacuum cleaner. The torso houses the cylinder, which feeds via a pipe to the hips and legs, powering points of suction in the feet (hence their resemblance to Dustbusters.)

I've retained a bipedal construction for this character, as I plan to model the Tidy-Heidi character with a cylindrical dress-like lower body, which contrasts nicely against the bipedal appearance of the Male Robot. After staring at vacuum cleaners all day, I'm also considering giving the character a single, interchangeable arm, as well as a permanent one. This both works for the function of the character, as well as the nature of the robot as an appliance, having different attachments for different things. 

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  1. Hi Steve :)

    You know - I just thing he's too humanoid - too advanced looking - maybe you're thinking too much 'robot' as opposed to 'household appliance'? That's not to say this silhouette isn't pleasing to my eye - but it's a bit too 'sci-fi' and complex as opposed to 'made by people in the 80s'...