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Minor Project: 'Incompatibility' Screenplay Version Three

'Incompatibility' Screenplay Version Three

This is the third revision of the script for my animated short, taking into account feedback received in regards to the last draft.
Any changes to the script have been highlighted in blue to make them a little easier to recognize.

'Incompatibility' (Working Title) Version 03


PAN across the room, from right to left. A plethora of outdated and redundant electronic equipment from throughout the 20th Century litters the shelves, from floor to ceiling.
The camera slows to a stop, displaying a lone, battered MALE ROBOT, half buried under a collection of electronic components. The MALE ROBOT functions through a series of CASSETTE TAPES, used for DATA STORAGE. These tapes are inserted into a TAPE DECK situated in the MALE ROBOT'S chest.

On the shelf sits an old and outdated TELEVISION SET, reminiscent of classic Bakelite television sets.
ALTERNATE SCENARIO: The TELEVISION SET'S functionality may be better applied to a RADIO or similar device instead, depending on the relevance and necessity of it's visuals.

The TELEVISION SET flickers on, displaying snippets of footage with audio that is sequenced as a means of forming sentences. It communicates solely through brief phrases.

The MALE ROBOT, startled, sits up suddenly. Turning to see the TELEVISION SET, it relaxes. The MALE ROBOT begins to watch the TELEVISION SET, as it flicks through various channels, searching for something for the MALE ROBOT to watch. The TELEVISION SET pauses on a romantic movie, showing two characters developing a romantic connection. The MALE ROBOT sees this and immediately feels lonely and depressed, feeling as though he will never have the opportunity to develop such a connection himself.

The TELEVISION SET, recognizing the MALE ROBOT'S sadness, attempts to find something more uplifting for him to watch. The TELEVISION SET flicks through Saturday morning cartoons, stand up comedy and slapstick movies from the 1940's, but nothing appears to cheer up the MALE ROBOT. The MALE ROBOT turns to go back to sleep when suddenly, their attention is drawn elsewhere. 

A metallic rattling is heard, as the camera CUTS to a disposal chute of sorts in the ceiling. A hatch swings open as an object tumbles through, landing in a pile of electronic junk with a hefty crash. As the object hits to ground, miscellaneous junk and trash is cast up, burying the newly awakened MALE ROBOT once again. The electronic components begin to shift as the object below moves around.

The object rises to its feet, and it is revealed that it is another robot. A FEMALE ROBOT, at that. The FEMALE ROBOT is far more MODERNIZED than the MALE ROBOT, using COMPACT DISCS for DATA STORAGE.

POV of the MALE ROBOT, peering through the electronic junk above him, as he casts his eyes upon the FEMALE ROBOT, picking herself up and dusting herself off.

Stunned, the MALE ROBOT hoists himself up promptly, unearthing itself from beneath yet more junk and miscellaneous electronics. He makes an attempt to play it cool, unsure whether the FEMALE ROBOT knows he is there or not.

The TELEVISION SET lets out a wolf whistle, attracting the attention of the FEMALE ROBOT. Shocked and embarrassed, the MALE ROBOT immediately switches the TELEVISION SET off.

The FEMALE ROBOT turns in response to the whistle, seeing the MALE ROBOT stood across from her on the other side of the room. The MALE ROBOT waves, somewhat shyly, greeting the FEMALE ROBOT. Somewhat confused, the FEMALE ROBOT waves back doubtfully. 

The TELEVISION SET picks up on the unease of the situation, and encourages the MALE ROBOT to approach the FEMALE ROBOT, through means of footage of encouragement from various samples of film and television shows.
The MALE ROBOT, still uneasy and lacking confidence, begins to move towards the FEMALE ROBOT. Unsure of the MALE ROBOT'S intentions, the FEMALE ROBOT hesitantly moves away gradually.
Noticing the FEMALE ROBOT'S hesitance and unease, the MALE ROBOT shy's away, only to be encouraged further by the TELEVISION SET'S jostling. He decides to makes an attempt to speak to her, hoping that this will reduce the tension of the situation.
Instead of a coherent language, the MALE ROBOT produces a series of unintelligible noises, a grinding and whirring of mechanical components. Similar to that of a TAPE DECK.
Puzzled, the FEMALE ROBOT makes an attempt to respond, only to create a similar collection of miscellaneous noises, this time more digital than analogue. Dial tones, computer alerts and other similar sounds.
Both characters repeatedly make an attempt to communicate, the FEMALE ROBOT getting more frustrated and confused as more and more unintelligible dialogue is exchanged. The noise gets out of hand, resembling some sort of argument. When the volume becomes too much, the TELEVISION SET chimes in, attempting to settle the situation.
The two ROBOTS settle down, although their confusion remains. The TELEVISION SET starts to play something. It is an advertisement for the MALE ROBOT, highlighting his various features, specifically, his ability to use CASSETTE TAPES. This gives the MALE ROBOT an idea. He gestures towards a form of TAPE DECK inset within his chest. A final series of mechanical whirring is heard, as the MALE ROBOT writes a collection of data to a CASSETTE TAPE.
The MALE ROBOT removes the CASSETTE TAPE. With a timid disposition, the MALE ROBOT begins to approach the FEMALE ROBOT once more, gesturing the CASSETTE TAPE towards her in an encouraging manner.
Perplexed once more, the FEMALE ROBOT shrugs, gesturing towards a collection of buttons on her chest. She presses one of the buttons, as a TRAY begins to extrude outwards.
The FEMALE ROBOT removes a COMPACT DISC from the TRAY, displaying it to the MALE ROBOT.
The MALE ROBOT, stunned, begins to recognize the incompatibility between the two of them. Disheartened and disappointed, he turns to walk away, giving up on this opportunity.
As the MALE ROBOT leaves, the TELEVISION SET makes one last attempt to help his friend. He changes channel, showing an advertisement for a 'Greatest Love Songs of the 80's' compilation CASSETTE TAPE. The MALE ROBOT glances at the TELEVISION SET. The advertisement inspires him to try one more thing. He frantically paces around, rummaging through shelves and various boxes, gathering up various CASSETTE TAPES and placing in a cardboard box.
The MALE ROBOT carries the box of CASSETTE TAPES back to the centre of the room and drops it on the floor. Gleefully, he dives through the box and picks out a single CASSETTE TAPE.
The MALE ROBOT excitedly inserts the CASSETTE TAPE into his personal TAPE DECK. He REWINDS the CASSETTE TAPE, generating the expected rewind noises and proceeds to press PLAY.


The MALE ROBOT proceeds to scrub throughout the CASSETTE TAPE, using the snippets of lyrics on the various songs to assemble rudimentary phrases and sentences, much like the TELEVISION SET.

The FEMALE ROBOT begins to understand the MALE ROBOT'S intentions, acknowledging his efforts to communicate and begins to warm up to him.

The MALE ROBOT, ecstatic that he has finally established some form of a connection, begins to dance along to the music he is producing, gesturing towards the FEMALE ROBOT in an attempt to get her to join in.

The FEMALE ROBOT, her attitude lifted, begins to move along with him.

The FEMALE ROBOT's dancing slows to a stop, as she begins to notice smoke pouring from the TAPE DECK of the MALE ROBOT

Distracted by the situation, the MALE ROBOT is oblivious to the smoke pouring out, until the music begins to warp and slow down to a stop.

The CASSETTE TAPE unspools, pouring from within the TAPE DECK. In a panic, the MALE ROBOT makes an attempt to repair the CASSETTE TAPE, but it is too late, the damage has been done.

Embarrassed and completely disheartened, the MALE ROBOT promptly turns his back to the FEMALE ROBOT, facing the camera.

Out of nowhere, the hand of the FEMALE ROBOT appears upon the shoulder of the MALE ROBOT. 

The MALE ROBOT turns around to see the FEMALE ROBOT holding another COMPACT DISC.

The FEMALE ROBOT inserts the COMPACT DISC and presses PLAY. The same music from before begins to play, continuing where the MALE ROBOT had left off.

Sensing the newly established connection between the two of them, the ROBOTS begin to dance, having finally determined a common language through music.

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