Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Character Design: Sidekick Progress

This is the sidekick character so far. I've began the rear view, but it was incomplete, so I have cropped it out of this preview for the moment. The character is not yet complete, but this is more or less how it will appear in the end.
I keep finding myself doubting the originality of this design, and I have been making an effort to try and tone down the generic nature, but I'm still a little stumped. So, I thought this is probably a good time to ask for some feedback and suggestions for how I can push this character a little bit out of the 'animal in people clothes' spectrum.
Feedback please!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I think its clear from both of your designs that you have a good sense of colour- this is spot on. Anatomically though, I can see a couple of tweaks. From the profile, his arms look a little high. And his legs dont look like they attach to his body. His tail and stomach would be one curving mass, with his legs attached to the side (with fat bulging over the top). Also, you may want to make his snout a little larger on the profile as its very long, and foreshortening will give that effect.
    Anyway, good work!