Friday, 28 December 2012

Character Design: Villain Final

This is the final design for my Villain character. For the moment, it is only the side view (I'm currently working on the turnarounds for each of the characters), but I wanted to upload something just to let anyone viewing this blog that I hadn't dropped completely off the radar.
I'm happy with how this has turned out, although I'm a little concerned that it may appear very similar to other animated snakes... Let me know if I'm unintentionally plagiarising(!)
(The background is also temporary, once again, because I wanted to display the work I had done quickly)
All feedback, as always, is welcomed and appreciated, and the final turnarounds for this character, as well as the Hero and Sidekick, should be up by Sunday night/Monday morning.


  1. Nice work Steven. I love the colours and the colour key line (very Disneyesque).I think its looking a little lion like from the profile though- i think its the large snout and mane-like black scales. Perhaps something slightly more streamlined and villainous? I think it needs to be more sinuous and sneaky. To me, it looks more comical and sidekick like. The eyes are spot on though.