Friday, 20 February 2015

Major Project: Revised Pre-Vis Scene One

This is the first scene of my revised pre-vis. 

Compared to the original, the character interaction is considerably less comedic, opting to play it straight throughout. 

The cinematography has been carefully considered, in an attempt to adhere to traditional film making conventions. This not only gives the animation a natural feel, but also reflects the cinematic techniques used at the time the animation is set. Some of the more extreme shots feel a little out place as a result of this, although this may work in favour of the intended tone. 

There is currently no use of accompanying music, although I'm not sure whether this scene requires it.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve

    A couple of notes...

    1) The camera stops in front the post as the mail man deilvers?
    2) The camera looking down on Franklin makes the delivery man look like a giant...lower it and reduce the angle.
    3) Also Franklin looks a bit too small in scale...he seems minature?

    Note: I've made it to season 4 of Community - Nice!