Saturday, 11 October 2014

Minor Project: Franklin Initial Character Development

In this post, I've assembled a sample of the design process for Franklin. Its still very early days, but the design appears to be slowly finding its feet.

The first group of images are simple form and construction sketches. A jumping off point for the rest of the design. I wanted Franklin to be a fairly typical child, with his general composure giving him an outward impression of eeriness. I drifted towards the image on the far right and built it up from there.

I began to quickly tighten up the form, as seen in the profile silhouettes. I wanted the character to be somewhat stylised and streamlined in his general form, without looking to blatantly odd. Ive also assembled some general outfit variations, adhering to the fashion trends of children in working class families of the 1970s, as well as the addition of an oversized apron for the second act.

I've also attempted to refine the design of Franklin's face. I wanted him to look childlike, but not so young as to look cutesy. I've opted for larger, more spaced out eyes in most of the design, although I'm not sure whether contributes or removes some of the implied menace of the character.

My aim for the character is to have him at least semi-realised by the pitch, and whilst its not looking overly spectacular at the moment, I believe it's possible.

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