Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Minor Project: Tidy-Heidi Expression Sample

Tidy-Heidi Expression Sample

Here is a sample of how Tidy-Heidi's expression system will operate, with some assistance from an excerpt from The Tidy-Heidi Owners Manual.

As quoted from the manual,

     "Your Tidy-Heidi unit communicates with the user through a series of emoticons, accompanied with a relevant, easy to understand, colour scheme. 
     When the unit is inactive, a blank screen is displayed. When activated, Tidy-Heidi will display the "Neutral" expression by default, accompanied with a blue light. When Tidy-Heidi is reacting positively, she will display the "Happy" expression, accompanied by a green light. In situations where danger is imminent (or if any offspring of the user require scolding), Tidy-Heidi will display the "Angry" expression, accompanied by a bright red light.
     This is simply a brief example of her expressive range. For a full list, turn to page 128." 

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  1. Hey Stevie P, I love the body of Tidy Heidi and I understand the concept of the face, but I just feel like its not coherent or in-keeping with the body - I wanted it more structured/3 dimensional - but that's just my personal opinion :)