Monday, 30 September 2013

Minor Project: Idea Revisions and Draft Screenplay of Act One

Idea Revisions and Draft Screenplay of Act One

I spent most of today bouncing between phases of confusion and frustration as I struggled to wrangle my idea for an animated short. After a good couple of hours of pestering and debating with Phil, I managed to derive something that I could use as a jumping off point. I've attempted to slimline the whole concept, stripping it back to something simpler that requires a lot less explanation. 

Here is a very rough act by act summary of the revised structure.

Act One
Characters meet in a room inhabited by discarded outdated and redundant technology.
A 'Boy' and a 'Girl' (Although not strictly gender specific)
The 'Boy' is already present, the 'Girl' is introduced. Possibly through means of a delivery chute or something similar.
Shown as incompatible through means of specified hardware differences. Data storage through cassette tapes versus compact discs.
'Boy' character older technology, uses cassette tapes, speaks through mechanical whirring and squeaking.
'Girl' character newer technology, uses compact discs, speaks through dial tone, computer prompts and error noises.
'Boy' notices 'Girl', chooses to befriend.

Act Two
Frustration and miscommunication
'Boy' attempts to communicate with 'Girl', words are instead replaced with a series of mechanical noises and the creaking of an old cassette player.
'Girl' is unable to understand, attempts to respond through a series of digitized tones and audio.
Both 'Boy' and 'Girl' are unable to understand one another.
Obstacle 01 'Boy' attempts to use a found tape of recorded human dialogue to communicate. The tape is inserted, but as he begins to communicate, the tape fails and begins to unspool.
Obstacle 02 'Boy' attempts a form of charades, confusing the 'Girl'. Ends up becoming tangled in wiring, falling over and out of shot.

Act Three
'Boy' finds a collection of outdated cassette tapes (How? consciously sought after or mistakenly stumbled upon? fall on top of him, tripped over etc)

Cassette tapes are used as a primitive mixtape, being played and rewound in order to form coherent sentences.
A relationship is sparked by the newly established common language of music, something that both characters can understand and relate to.

I have also put together the screenplay for Act One, to provide a clearer idea of the general presentation of the story that I have in mind.

'Incompatibility' (Working Title) Version 01



PAN across the room, from right to left. A plethora of outdated and redundant electronic equipment from throughout the 20th Century litters the shelves, from floor to ceiling. 
The camera slows to a stop, displaying a lone, battered MALE ROBOT, half buried under a collection of electronic components. The MALE ROBOT functions through a series of CASSETTE TAPES, used for DATA STORAGE. These tapes are inserted into a TAPE DECK situated in the MALE ROBOT'S chest.

The MALE ROBOT begins to sit up, adjusting itself to its surroundings as if it were waking from a deep sleep.

A metallic rattling is heard, as the camera CUTS to a disposal chute of sorts in the ceiling. A hatch swings open as a FEMALE ROBOT tumbles through, landing in a pile of electronic junk with a hefty crash. The FEMALE ROBOT is far more MODERNISED than the MALE ROBOT, using COMPACT DISCS for DATA STORAGE.

As the FEMALE ROBOT hits to ground, miscellaneous junk and trash is cast up, burying the newly awakened MALE ROBOT once again.

The MALE ROBOT sits up once again, unearthing itself from beneath yet more junk and misc electronics. 

POV of the MALE ROBOT, as he casts his eyes upon the FEMALE ROBOT, picking herself up and dusting herself off.

Stunned, the MALE ROBOT hoists himself up promptly in an attempt to play it cool, unsure whether the FEMALE ROBOT knows he is there or not.

The FEMALE ROBOT turns to see the MALE ROBOT stood across from her on the other side of the room. The MALE ROBOT waves, somewhat shyly, greeting the FEMALE ROBOT. Somewhat confused, the FEMALE ROBOT waves back doubtfully.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated at this early stage.

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