Sunday, 13 May 2012

Commission: Background Scenery

I've created some basic Googie-inspired buildings to fit in the background of my animation, to save me time modelling each and every one. I've designed them so that they can fit together in a variety of different ways, providing the illusion that the city is made up of tons of different buildings (an example of the buildings fitting together can be seen in the top-centre). I intend to animate them in After Effects, moving them past the screen in order to give the impression that the Cells are rushing past. I can place them in 3D space and give them a bit of depth and parallax with the movement too, which should hopefully make them a little more convincing. They're very simple in appearance, but that fits with the overall aesthetic of the world I'm creating, plus, they're going to be rushing past fairly rapidly, so detail isn't a huge concern.

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